3 Tips for Dog’s Birthday Parties

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It’s your dog’s birthday and you’ll bark if you want to!  Get all the bitches on the block talkin’.

Dog Birthday Party

Dog Birthday Party

Birthday Dog Party

Birthday Dog Party

Dog Birthday Party

It’s okay, anyone who truly loves their pet throws them a birthday party.  At least the first 5 years or first 35, in dog years!  Here are 3 quick tips on how to plan that special day for your canine love!

1. I’ll take mine in a Doggie Bag.
The Dog Bakery has everything from personalized birthday cakes to puppy petit fours and even a doggie hamburger with fries, if your dog is more about that In and Out “animal style” life.  They also have a highly informed staff that can help you put any needed finishing touches on your pup’s party.

2. Who let the DOGS out?
Take your dog for a walk before the party.  I cannot stress this enough, daily walks are important for any dog, especially a puppy.  Believe me, before I got Arthur I wasn’t much of an outdoors girl, but now I am forced into the wilderness LOL (i.e. the streets of L.A.) DAILY.  It will help your dog calm down for all the guests that are about to arrive.

3. Go WILD with the decor.
Don’t be afraid to be silly with your decorations.  Who cares if your dog isn’t your child, most people that don’t like dogs or animals- well, I wouldn’t invite them, but my point being DO YOU!  If you want to throw a party for your fish, go HAM!

What can I say? It’s a dog eat dog kinda world.

TALENT: Arthur and Leggs, both wonderful rescue dogs!

Your girl,
Katie 💋

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