Katie’s 7 New Year’s Resolutions

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Make it personal#1: Make It Personal.

There are so many things to buy for the home, why not make it personal?  Take the time to make your home feel like, well, your home.  Personalize items, buy fresh flowers, light the fire or a candle and a take a breather.  If you can’t get to the flower market, check for a wholesale flower store near you.  Or buy fake, if you must!  Though there’s nothing quite like fresh flowers and personalized items in one’s home.  It instantly makes a statement and no one can steal your s*** lol!

Smell the Roses#2: Take Time to Smell the Roses.

We are all running around doing a million things at once.  It’s a good thing to remember to take time to smell the roses or even just to take a breath.  It’s really whatever that means to you.  Whether it be a walk with your dog, calling your Mom and having lunch or just acknowledging your accomplishments this past year.

Cook More#3: What’s Cookin’?

Every year I promise myself I will cook more at home.  And every year passes where there are few and far between meals made in my kitchen.  Invite a few friends over for dinner, that way they can help with the cooking!  It can be incredibly therapeutic to cook and especially for others.  You can do different cuisines each week!  Most farmer’s markets are on the weekend, so plan to cook on Monday.  I find that when I go to the market and have all these fresh yummy ingredients you want to share them.

Food52 is a great website with easy quick recipes.


Say Thanks#4: Say “Thank You!”

We are living in a time where people send Paperless Post Thank You notes or send a Thank You email.  Yes, it is better than nothing, but nothing is better than a hand written note.  I love getting things in the mail and so will your friends and family.

La Familia Green is one of my favorite sites to buy cards.  The designer describes her work as “Mexican folk art meets Scandinavian design meets wildlife preserve…West Texas meets the Midwest”.


Fitness#5: Move That ASS!

We all feel better when we workout, not just for our bodies but minds too!  If you don’t have this as a weekly or daily habit, try not to feel overwhelmed.  You don’t have to win any race.  Start slow and build up to a routine.

You don’t need to go to the gym even, there are so many things one can do in their house or office.  Tips here from Maria Kelling at Tracy Anderson Method:

1. Get Wet… Learn to love to sweat in your workouts

2. Be Consistent… Everyday you don’t workout you’re gaining or staying the same.

3. Performance is key… Mic drop.

4. Be positive.  Have patience.  Rome wasnt built in a day…

5. Stay focused on that hustle.  Your body hustle.  POW always got to be ready…


Get rid of negativity#6: Get Rid of Negativity.

Time to say goodbye to anything negative in your life, could be a habit, a boyfriend or girlfriend, possibly a job or situation which you continually put yourself in and know that it’s not right.  A good judge of what I call the “negative affect” is taking note of how you feel after you spend time with someone or doing something.  Do you feel better, inspired?  Or do you feel worse about yourself or the situation you may have been speaking about with them?

It is time to clean house in 2017!  Anyone or anything that isn’t adding value to your life you should consider letting go of or at the very least spending less time with or spending less time doing.


Learn to Say No

#7: Learn to Say NO.

One of the most valuable things I learned a few years ago is that ‘no’ is a full sentence.  Dr. Nalini Chilkov, a doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, told me this during one of our sessions.  She could see that I had over extended myself in many areas of my life and she was spot on.  Click here to view her website which is full of knowledge and tips on better living.

I feel that women have a harder time with this than men, we feel the need to do it all.  One must remember better to do less and kill it then spread ourselves so thin that our work and bodies become depleted.  So, just say NO!

new years resolutions

I wish you all the best in 2017.

Your girl,
Katie 💋