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Nehra’s Squad: Masha Gordon

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Masha Gordon // Interior Designer

@MissMashaGordon | 📷 @MashaGordon_


1. What makes you feel the most sexy?
Nothing makes me feel sexier than a song that I’m feeling.   If I’m feeling a song, singing in the car, then I feel sexy.

2. The One that Got Away…  Is there an item that “got away” that you still think about?
An item for me that got away was my collection of old silk camisoles that Curve made in the early 2000’s.  When cleaning, purging and clearing out my closest years ago, I figured I would get rid of them.  Of course, I did and today I always think how dumb I was to get rid of those.

3. What’s your go to comfy get up, after a long day?
After a long day, nothing makes me happier than coming home.  My go to comfy get up is either a great kaftan dress or a pair of Free City sweats and a cozy tee.

4. One item everyone should own in their home?
Everyone should have some great ceramic vases.  Nothing better than a great vintage ceramic and some fresh flowers.  It really makes a home!

5. Products, what are you loving right now?
My absolute FAVORITE product right now is my Ouai Wave Spray.  It really gives you the BEST beach waves.

6. Favorite shoe.
I love a good flat.  My favorite shoe right now is my Aquazurra black leather tie ballet flats.  They make me feel chic and feminine.

7. Was their a specific piece of furniture, house or fabric that first inspired you to design?
What most inspired me to design was Brenda Antin’s store.  The first time I ever walked in there I realized this is what I want to do.  She not only has the most AMAZING pieces from the Parisian flea markets, but all her fabrics are just heavenly and to die for.


Your girl,
Katie 💋