Nehra’s Squad: Hayden Slater

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Hayden Slater // CEO | Co-Founder Pressed Juicery & The Chalkboard Mag

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1. What fictional character do you relate to the most?
Peter Pan—who wouldn’t want to never grow up?

2. When did you realize that being in the wellness industry (juice etc.) was something you wanted to turn into a career?
I was a film and theater major at NYU, and I never went abroad which was always a huge regret of mine. After school, I started working at HBO. When one of the shows I was working on went on hiatus, I thought it was the perfect time to travel, and I booked a one way ticket to Southeast Asia. I spent almost seven months traveling by myself through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Japan. My first stop was Thailand, where I attempted a five day juice cleanse. I felt so good after five days that I kept going and ended up doing 30 days. Although excessive, I realized that was how you are supposed to feel. I had so much energy and clarity—I’ve never felt better. My eyes were literally glowing. When I returned home after my travels, I knew I wanted to take my newfound knowledge and pursue it professionally. And that’s how it all began.

3. Define “success” in your opinion?
Love and happiness.

4. In your wildest dreams, where would you travel to and why (all expenses paid)?
That’s a tough one. I really want to explore South America and spend time in the Amazon, climb Machu Picchu and end in the Galapagos. That would be awesome.

5. What personality trait do you admire most in a person?
I’d have to say spontaneity. I love a person who’s open minded and willing to go or do something with no planning involved. Keep it exciting.

6. Your favorite juice?
I really don’t have one favorite—I’d have to say all our greens juices. I love starting my day with a greens juice.

7. What’s in your daily or nightly ritual?
I’m not great with rituals but I’m pretty neurotic about brushing my teeth, flossing and yes, I still wear my retainers.

8. When you’re feeling under the weather or in a funk, what are your fool proof remedies?
Three things: first, I consume an insane amount of our immunity and vitality shots. Then, I use an infrared sauna and stay in as long as I can take it. Finally, I’ll pour the largest container of Epsom Salt I can find with a full bottle of hydrogen peroxide into a bath and just soak.

9. What’s one piece of advice (career, life or otherwise) that you received and won’t forget?
The best way to have everything in life is to realize that you already do.

10. Your favorite reasons to live and die in LA?
We’ve got it all—beaches, desert, mountains and lakes. You can drive a few hours and be somewhere that feels completely different. The weather ain’t bad either 🙂

Your girl,
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