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Nehra’s Squad: Anita Ko

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Anita Ko // Jewelry Designer

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Q & A

1. What trends are you loving in jewelry right now? And what ones do you want to go away? 

I love layering earrings and ear cuffs, I think it’s a great trend that shows individuality and personal style.  Ear cuffs are not really gender specific either, and you don’t have to have pierced ears, so it’s all inclusive.  A trend that I wish would go away… it’s hard for me to wish any kind of trend or style away because it’s all so individual.  If something makes someone feel beautiful I can’t wish it would go away. 
2. When did you realize that making jewelry was something you wanted to turn into a career? 
I was lucky to be exposed to beautiful pieces of jewelry and gemstones as a little girl. When I was in Junior High I knew I wanted to make jewelry.  I was determined to make unique pieces for myself… I would hang out in the jewelry district in downtown LA while my dad was at work and pick out different stones and materials to turn into something I could wear. 
3. Define “success” in your opinion? 
Success, for me, means being able to do something I love everyday.  Getting to be creative and do what comes naturally, and getting to see my pieces on women around the world is icing on the cake.  I feel so proud when a client sends me a selfie wearing my jewelry, showing how they are styling it and enjoying it.  That’s when I feel most successful. 
4. What personality trait do you most admire in a person? 
Honesty… I try to have only honest people in my life. 
5. Your daily or nightly ritual involves what products? 
I love the Amore Pacific skin care products and use them everyday.
6. What do you find to be the sexiest jewelry piece a woman can wear? 
I love a stand-out cocktail ring, it’s always sexy… but it really depends on the woman. 
7. Best piece from your collection for a Valentines gift? 
I have a collection of ruby heart chain bracelets and necklaces that are a perfect Valentine’s gift for any stage in a relationship. 
8. When you’re feeling under the weather or in a funk, what are your fool-proof remedies? 
I swab my ear lobes with hydrogen peroxide, it kills any germs or bacteria that we normally wouldn’t think about, cold bugs always attack ears, as well as nose and throat. 
9. What’s one piece of advice (career, life or otherwise) that you received and won’t forget? 
Never give up on something you’re passionate about, even if the cards are stacked against you.  You never know whether success is around the next corner. 
10. Your favorite reasons to live and die in LA? 
LA is my home, where I grew up and where my family is.  It’s also such a cool city where people from all over the world come to make their dreams come true.  Most cities don’t have the kind of creative opportunities that LA does. 

Your girl,

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