Nehra’s Squad: Kelly LeVeque

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Kelly LeVeque // Be Well By Kelly ®

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1. What makes you feel most sexy?
I love a form fitting midi dress or high waisted yoga pant, basically anything that hugs my curves and accentuates my waist.  Curves are sexy and I think we should all start showing them through movement on the dance floor or in a workout class.

2.  The one that got away… Is there an item that “got away” that you still think about?
Last summer, I bought a dress at Reformation for a trip to Italy with my husband.  It was one of their wrap dresses and I swear this dress was made for my body.  Once we got home, I sent it to the dry cleaner and it never again fit the same.  I loved it so much that I even went to try and buy it again.  Things were so desperate that I began to search eBay and to this day, I still check Reformation’s site for it!  It wasn’t outrageously expensive or a classic piece, like a leather jacket, but it’s absolutely the one that got away because I still think about it and can’t find it anywhere… Help?!

3. What’s your go-to comfy get up, after a long day?
Any of my husband’s clothes, I’m mostly slipping into one of his t-shirts and a pair of my boy shorts.  I have a couple adorable pairs of PJ’s from my girlfriend who owns Margot and a pair of Sundry sweatpants I love- but for some reason I always just end up in old t-shirts.

4. One item everyone should own in there home?
A Leather Motto Jacket, period.  I always feel like a badass when I slip into my motto.  It’s perfect draped over a sweet floral dress for a little edge, or paired with my yoga pants and a white tee or just with jeans and booties.  That touch of swagger and I feel unstoppable.

5. Products, what are you loving right now?
I love… I love face oils!  Calendula oil from eminence and squalane oil from Oak and Ashland are my current favorites.  I normally swipe them on after using my hyaluronic doctors scrub from Dr. Goldfaden.  Thanks to Jess [Alba], I’m officially obsessed with my Honest Makeup!  I never used to be able to wear foundation everyday all day and now I apply my Everything Tinted Moisturizer, Concealer Duo, Créme Blush and a swipe of mascara and I am out the door with a fresh SPF protected face.  Honestly (pun intended), I have never gotten so many compliments and I’ve even noticed my complexion looks to have less sun damage.

6. Favorite go-to’s at the grocery store?
When I head to the grocery store I’m looking to purchase clean sources of protein, fiber rich green vegetables, healthy fats and clean condiments.  You will most often find me purchasing: lemons, cucumbers, avocados, primal mayonnaise by Primal Kitchen, canned wild salmon by Wild Planet, baby spinach and kale by organicgirl, coconut aminos, MCT oil, chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk, organic matcha powder, broccolini, grass finished ground beef, a whole pasture raised chicken, Omega 3 eggs by Vital Choice and sparkling water.

7. The moment you decided you wanted to be in the Health industry?
I’ve loved health and nutrition since high school and even worked an eight year career in the medical field (in cancer and personalized medicine) before going out on my own with Be Well by Kelly.  But if I were to pinpoint one moment when I decided to merge my passion and career, that would have to be a run around the Brentwood Country Mart with my friend Angela, owner of Sterling Social, in March of 2012.  When we were living together as roommates in LA, I had convinced her to go out on her own and on this particular run she turned the tables on me.  She highlighted that my nutritional knowledge and understanding of human biology could help so many people outside of our friend circle and that I should start moonlighting to see if there was interest.  That evening I enrolled in extended education and a year later my side business took off like wild fire!

8. What do you want to see more of? Less of?
Less cleansing and more daily support of our bodies to naturally purge toxins daily.  You might swap out a heavy dinner for a light bone broth-based soup or vegetable purée, replace a meal with a fruit free or high fat Be Well Smoothie, go to bed early for a week or commit to drinking lots of water or getting in a sweat daily.  Binging and cleansing cycles are aging, instead we need to focus on balance and consistency daily.

9. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
I love how my business has grown and I’m really excited about the next five years.  I would love to be a host of a healthy TV show on the Food Network, continue to write books for Harper Collins (my first publication hits shelves April 2017), provide a clean array of products for my clients who I work privately with to help them hit their goals and live the Be Well lifestyle.  I don’t think I could ever give up my one-on-ones, they are the most rewarding and I just love my clients!


Your girl,
Katie 💋