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The “Mr. Right” actress on style, soul mates, and how having a sense of humor is key

“I am very outgoing,” said Katie Nehra, an actress in the new film Mr. Right, who plays Sophie, the best friend to Anna Kendrick’s character. “I like to have fun, and dance. I feel that people that are drawn to comedy are more extroverted.” Indeed, Nehra’s rapturous personality is hard to forget, both in the movie and in real life. She speaks with candor and wit, and has everyone around her laughing. It’s no wonder why she gelled perfectly with the rest of the cast in this ensemble black comedy, which also stars Sam Rockwell. He plays an unhinged hit man who falls for Kendrick’s seemingly normal dramatis personae, and vice versa. Seeing as her favorite film of all time is Flirting with Disaster—which also has a comparable dark, laughs-filled storyline—the genre that Mr. Right falls under is definitely in her wheelhouse. “It has everything: comedy, drama, madness, and chaos,” Nehra said. “Its similar to how I like to write.

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