Fashion Meets Function: A Life Charging Bag by HButler

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Ladies!  You no longer need to carry your big ass charger to the clubs.
We found the best clutches with built in mobile fuel for your phone.
H Butler Bags

When Ana Slavka experienced what we all have experienced, the frustration of our phone running out of battery before the end of day, she decided to do something about it.  Fast forward to Slavka co-founding HButler, an Australian based accessories company that’s taking charge (pun intended).

Ana: “Mine was on empty before midday and I still refused to buy an ugly masculine looking power bank; I didn’t like the idea of having a power bank rattling loose around in my handbag creating more mess and chaos.  It simply didn’t appeal to me.  Convinced other women would agree, I had this urge to create a phone charger that was easy to use, but most importantly, stylishly disguised inside a purse and always ready to charge while on the go.  This was my inspiration behind the creation of Mighty Purse.

H Butler Bags

Mighty Purse, ‘The Purse That Charges Your Phone On The Go’, was born in 2013 and launched all around the world in the same year.

“We built Mighty Purse on the values of quality, practicality and effortless style,” says Ana Slavka, “Our goal is to eliminate the small frustrations of everyday life for our customers without sacrificing their personal style.”

All Mighty Purses are made of genuine leather and are an essential accessory for the modern day woman, a fusion between fashion and technology.  As a wearable tech trend, all Mighty Purses work with micro USB smartphones and iPhone 5, 6 and 7 models.

In keeping the classic Mighty Purse aesthetic, the collection is growing with on-trend prints and lush textures, including woven leather, fringe and studded options starting at USD $99.99.

A sister brand called SPARK was launched recently with a focus on vegan leather charging purses at a lower price point starting at $79.99.  The SPARK collection also includes totes and cross-body bags.

H Butler Bags

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