Link Love: Frankie Collective, Vintage Sportswear for Women

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Are you looking for the perfect Nike cropped sweatshirt? Or that jersey bodysuit that you can sport at the gym and the club?
Maybe just some good vintage Nike tees ’cause that’s your thing?
Imagine all that and all the sports gear you’ve ever dreamed of in one place.

Frankie Collective

Nike, Adidas, and Fila, oh my!
You can even score a Champion bodysuit, reworked to a high cut style.
So, for all you Vetements fans, get the OG ones here!
Even old school Roca Wear if you want to take it there.
Not only is it everything you could imagine, but it also fits
perfectly and is affordable.
Dreams do come true at Frankie Collective.

Frankie Collective
I recently acquired a crop Bulls tee from FC.
An original with no fading, no spots and no vintage smells, actually
everything I’ve bought from them smells like your Mom did the laundry
that day.
Normally I’d find a shirt like that, at some vintage shop, then take
it to the tailor and have them redo the whole fit and by then the
price has doubled.
No need for that here.

Frankie Collective

Attention to details are paid in full at Frankie Collective.

Frankie Collective

Your girl,
Katie 💋