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Kits are big news this season in the beauty world and here is the ultimate in all-in-one: The Liz Jones Cosmetics Make-up Kit!  They are an L.A./Sydney co-production founded by Liz Jones, a Sydney-based Celebrity Makeup Artist who wanted to package all the best tones and textures to create highly specific looks.  Finally, a kit I can get behind!

Jones says the best makeup manufacturers in the world come from the U.S. and Italy so it was only natural for her to choose manufacturers in Los Angeles, the same ones that produce for Kevyn Aucoin and Stila amongst others.  These kits are designed for throwing in your handbag, doing makeup on the run (with a killer full size mirror built in) and ideal for travel, reducing the number of products you need to carry around.  The quality stands out and there is a ‘how to video’ on her website for each look.  With full sized individual items you have all the product you need for six months of application… They rock!

Liz Jones Cosmetics

Tips + Tricks:


Liz Jones Bronze Face Makeup KitBronzing is like contouring but more generally placed.  A good bronzer is finely textured and not too brown so you can layer it up for a stronger look without looking dirty or grubby.  Start on the cheekbones and work with upward strokes toward the hairline.  Then, work around the forehead in a circular motion without going too low into the eyebrow area.  This creates a more natural look leaving an area above the eyebrows that’s lighter.  You can also brush along the chin line to give contour and lift to that area.  A sweep of bronzer along the bridge of the nose adds to the overall color and strengthens the line of the face.


Liz Jones Smokey Eye Makeup KitWith a smokey eye it’s important to always balance the face.  For example, if the eyes are quite heavy, the lips should be lighter unless you’re going for the Cabaret look!  You don’t need lots of different eye shadow colors, just the strength in a good black eyeshadow and a lighter blending tone that softens the lines of the makeup.  Always use an eye pencil underneath the edges of the eye shape, this make the eye shadow darker in the places that count (around the shape of the eye).  To finish, a light application of blush on the apples of the cheeks and a beige lip will focus the intensity of the makeup on that sexy smokey eye.


Liz Jones Daytime Face Makeup KitThe trick of daytime makeup is that it doesn’t stand out in any one area, giving a polished finish to your everyday appearance.  The eye colors should have intensity to help contour the eye area but they should also be colors that blend into the skin.  The Daytime kit has a coppery brown and taupe tone to achieve this blend.  Make sure that there are no harsh makeup lines- this look is all about harmony!  Lastly, add a lip color that gives vibrance to the face without overtaking the entire look.  Although this isn’t a completely natural look, it is subtle in its use of depth and color with a final look that has strength.

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