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Women of Style

Since Katie Nehra moved to L.A. eight years ago, she has appeared in films such as Mr. Right and Alex of Venice, which she also co-wrote. She is currently completing her second screenplay, the story of an interracial couple, as well as heading up her jacket-focused fashion label Simone by Katie Nehra—worn by the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe—that includes silk and leather coats with optional custom embroidery. “Most people in L.A. are trying to look like they’re someone or something,” says Nehra, pointing out the legions of stylists and glam crews. “I dress how I feel that day, and I don’t pay attention to trends.”

In her world, comfort reigns supreme. “I really love athletic influences, especially mixed with a lace skirt or a dress,” she says. “I love how Chloé is doing silk track pants. … To me, it makes sense to invest in everyday items that you can wear to death.” Valentino’s pajama-inspired styles and Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers are other go-to pieces, as are picks from three fashion blogger brands: Are You Am I by L.A.-based Rumi Neely, Réalisation by Alexandra Spencer and Rouje by Jeanne Damas. But relaxed doesn’t mean sloppy. “I love clothes that accent or show off a woman’s figure—nothing too oversize,” she notes. “But clothes that you can sit on the floor in. Anything you wear should feel like, if we need to make a run for it, I’m ready.”