Alex of Venice

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“Alex Of Venice” Quotes

Alex of Venice - Katie Nehra

“The cast — wow. Of course, there’s Winstead, but Katie Nehra will have you immediately googling Alex of Venice for her name. With a striking presence, she provides numerous laugh-out-loud moments. “

“Nehra, helped co-write this lovable script, and provides some of the most honest, and raw dialogue that is laugh out loud funny. Her scenes with young actor, Skylar Gaertner, who plays Dakota are priceless.”

“Co-scriptwriter Katie Nehra adds a raunchy spark as Lily, Alex’s rowdy, sexy sister.”

“Nehra notably writing a scene-stealing role for herself as the blithe sister.”

“The movie feels realistic, fresh and, ultimately, hopeful. Forget superheroes and vampires— this is a film to which women across America can relate”.