Currently Planning A Heist: Adaptation Leather Moto Trench Coat

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The trench coat was created in 1879, worn by the British and French soldiers in WWI.  It was a jacket to wear in the “trenches” as an alternative to their other heavier coats.   Both Burberry and Aquascutum claim ownership of the invention.

I don’t think anyone ever thought it would look like this!

Today the trench coat is such a statement that one doesn’t need to wear much else.  Side note: a trench coat over lingerie is NEVER a bad idea.

This Adaptation piece is so special I don’t know where to begin.  Maybe it’s the worn black leather which is never done quite right, but looks spot on here?  Or the vibrant red quilted lining or possibly the motorcycle collar detailing with metal snaps?  Or just all of the above?

I’m ready for the “trenches” if it involves this jacket!


Your girl,
Katie 💋